It is economical:

This is common knowledge that real estate is a very premium factor in many countries due to the lack of space. The companies have to employ people where the employees from some unrelated company and make the most of what space is available. The rents and other facilities can be very expensive and many small start ups and small companiesmay not be able to afford it at all. So the concept of co working was initiated in the early 1990 s as a very innovative idea and strategy. This is going strong now and has become the best strategy for opening office spaces in places where land is very less such as Indonesia and other such similar countries. Here the role of co working space Jakarta becomes very important and worth mentioning as they work towards sharing of space and improving productivity and at the same time following a very economical strategy. The collaborative effort will be a starting point where shared space will enable the workers to learn from each other and also able maintain public relations which is of utmost importance these days. 

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Salient features:

  • There are several advantages to sharing the space by becoming members of the co working space as it enables you to obtain friendly and shared opportunities that might not be possible if the company would go solo in their efforts. 
  • The shared space also gives a lot of flexibility in usage of the amenities that are available. 
  • The shared cost is the most important advantage that you can have especially during the economical difficult times that the market is facing. This enables the different parties to make new collaborations and also make new contacts and also to create new networks with various workers who carry out projects for different employers.
  •  This will also help in sharing information and making new acquaintances and assists in growing the business and developing new talents. Sometimes they will have to share the network connections and also the wifi which on a longer run will reduce expenses.
  •  The most important aspect that one can save on is rent which will be saved to a greater degree as rents in some countries is quite high and in the co working space Jakarta you will have all the advantage that you may expect. 

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