Even with the best of sanitization practices and preventive measures, you may find a pest problem at home. DIY hacks and ready-to-use products may kill a few pests like roaches, ants, and termites, on the surface, but doesn’t really fix the infestation. When you can openly spot pests at home, or find signs like droppings, chances are high that the situation is already beyond basic control. Most pests and rodents are more active at night, so we don’t get to see the extent of infestation easily. Calling a company for pest control in San Antonio, TX can help you fix the problem.

“Do I really need professional pest control?”

Most homeowners have their reservations about hiring pest control companies, because of the costs involved, and also because they often worry about the quality of pesticides and products being used. However, the benefits of hiring professional exterminators cannot be overstated. First and foremost, these companies have the equipment, methods, tools, and professionals at disposal, and they know what it takes to ensure safety of those occupying the house. If you have pets, kids, or older parents at home, it is more important to hire a reliable and experienced pest control service. Secondly, you can expect the problem to get fixed with such services. Most exterminators have some assurance on the job.

Things to discuss

When you call a pest control company in Texas for the first time, you need to discuss a few things, such as –

  1. Their permits and licenses. All pest control services are required to have necessary permissions and licenses to work in the residential and commercial sector.
  2. Insurance. Ideally, every company should have some form of liability insurance, and they should be willing to discuss the same with prospective clients.
  3. Workers and entomologists. Many pest-control companies do hire entomologists and professionals on the payroll, and workers who are doing the actual job must be insured and bonded.
  4. Cost. The estimate for the job will be offered by the company only when their inspectors have evaluated the property and the possible problems. Expect to get an all-inclusive estimate, with no add-ons or future surprises.
  5. Reviews. A company that promises to excel in pest control and has been in the business for years, will have positive reviews. If you want to know the service more, you can ask for local references too.
  6. Methods and products. Some pest control products are known to be unsafe for other animals, or may have a detrimental impact on the planet. Ask the company what steps they intend to take to avoid these consequences.
  7. Assurance. Does the pest control company offer some warranty on the job? If yes, what’s the extent of their warranty? Ensure that any promise made to you by the local service is mentioned on their contract.

Hiring a reliable pest control company is the best thing you can do to prevent unwanted insects and critters at home. Just don’t rush in finding a service and make sure that you have a clear estimate in advance for the task.

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