Dogs seem to get comfortable anywhere, but have a special love for their own personal bed. The following are some of the most important reasons to provide your dog his/her own place of repose.

Can Prevent Behavioral Issues

There is nothing as adorable as your dog getting all cosy on your bed, until it continues to happen as the years go by. Most dog and health experts advise against letting your dog sleep in bed with you. But, the reason they are doing this is because your bed is the most comfortable spot in the house, in case you hadn’t noticed. It won’t be long before your dog is climbing all over your bed and this and treating it as his/her own –– imagine slobbery chew toys on your pillow. They may even get very angry with you if your try to oust them when they are older, because you already allowed this behaviour and have no right to change the game now.

Contributes to Your Dog’s Health

Your dog does not deserve the luxury of sleeping in the master bed and nor should you extend this level of hospitality. But, you don’t want to err on the side of giving them nothing but a flattened cardboard box or stack of deformed pillows and blankets. Of course, your dog will always be happy with what they get, but you can prevent a wide variety of unpleasant health conditions by not letting them sleep on a hard or uneven surface. Some dogs are more susceptible to hip and joint problems and a proper sleeping accommodation can go a long way to keeping them happy and healthy.

Keeps Him/Her Toasty Warm

Dogs need warmth on those cold nights to stay comfortable and healthy. While the extra jacket and blankets are appreciated for sure, they don’t make up for the warmth a dog would get from their pack members, were they still running around in the wild. To safeguard against health conditions caused by the cold weather, elf-hating beds provide the perfect amount of warmth to keep your friend nice and toasty even in the dead of winter. Conversely, a long haired dog can suffer from the intense heat of a summer’s day, especially in hotter regions. A cooling bed will allow your dog to release this extra heat and find some comfort.

Helps Preserve Your Furniture

A dog’s bed is his/her castle and you may notice your dog developing some curious bedtime rituals and bedroom behaviour. Many dogs will knead and dig and adapt their sleeping spot to perfection , even circling it a few times to eyeball their preparation, before getting cosy for the night –– or even a mid-morning nap.

If you don’t provide a spot for this special doggy ritual, they may choose to promote your favourite lazy-boy, couch or love-seat to their sleeping spot. No amount of vacuuming or other upholstery cleaning will ever restore your furniture once an enthusiastic pup has had a go at it. But, if you have provided your friend with a suitable dog bed, you will never have to face this unfortunate encounter. Remember, until you have introduced a proper solution, you can’t try to fight a dog’s natural behaviour. That would be a recipe for frustration on both sides.

(S)He Has His/Her Own Special Spot

Where do we go when we feel stressed, tired or even a bit scared? Most people might say that returning to our special place of solitude I a great spot for finding balance and wellness, your dog certainly feels the same. Your dog will appreciate their own private place where they can get away from noisy kids, your inhospitable cat and possibly unfamiliar guests. Because your dog can sleep a full 10 hours a day, they would also like to be able to go to their bed for a quick nap whenever they want – without having to wait for the cat to finish their nap.

In the End…

Some people may think that buying a dog bed is an unnecessary expense and only done by those rich and stylish folks who also paint their dog’s toenails (only use proper dog nail polish). But the truth is that a dog bed adds another level of comfort to your dog’s life and satisfies a very important emotional and instinctual needs. You will find that a luxury dog bed will make your friend much happier and be an important part of your happy future together.

Far more than a scrap of cloth around some padding, a dog’s bed makes your friend feel important and secure with a sense of belonging. Best of all, your dog’s bed will keep healthy by protecting them from a variety of physical issues. So, take time to choose the bed your dog will absolutely love and take the time to properly introduce them to their bed as their happy place.

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