Window AC vs Split AC

When the summer approaches, choosing an air conditioner is a tough choice. With a wide array of air conditioner choices, it is quite confusing to make the right choice. A significant confusion that arises while making the right AC choice is whether to go for the split AC or the window AC?

The Difference between Window and Wall Air Conditioner

  • Window AC

It is a window-mounted air conditioner which is best for a small room with a window space. The maintenance cost of the window air conditioner is pretty low and is very pocket friendly. The window ac typically comes in one single unit where one side faces inside the room, and the other side faces the outside. The inner portion is what cools the room.

  • Split AC

They are wall-mounted air conditioners that are used for large rooms and have a high cooling capacity. They do not require a window for its installation. The split ac consists of two units, one is the compressor, and one is the condenser. The compressor is placed outside, whereas the condenser is placed inside the room. This unit cools the room.

Window AC vs Split AC

Now we discuss the differences between window ac and split ac

  1. Price

Setting a budget is essential which selection of your new air conditioner. It is crucial to know the amount you are willing to spend on installation and maintenance. The window ac is the much cheaper option compared to the spilt ac with the same tonnage. This also can be seen in their maintenance as well. The spilt ac has more expense in terms of expenditure.

  1. Space required

The one thing to notice about the window ac and the split ac is the space they consume. The window air conditioner is considerably larger as they are one single unit whereas the split ac consumers lesser space as they have two different units. This gives more flexibility in terms of space required. The AC installation in Atlanta will carry on the installation for both varieties effortlessly.

  1. Noise emitted

Comparing the noise emitted by the two kinds of ACs, the window ac could be considerably loud whereas the split ac is pretty much silent during its operation. In the window ac, since it is a single unit the noise from the compressor can be heard from the window itself, the two-unit split ac does not have this.

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning has both installation services for the window ac and the split ac.

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