When it comes to protecting a small business, there are many options available. In this sense, one of the most effective security solutions is the alarm. However, it should be noted that there are different degrees of alarm. This differentiation by levels is done according to how sophisticated our security system is and the vulnerability of our business.

In this article, specifically, we will focus on analysing the characteristics of the Grade 2 alarm.

What is a Grade 2 Alarm?


The alarms Grade 2 are the most widespread in businesses and enterprises. There are quite a number of  Their level of protection is designed for medium risk situations, companies that deal on grade 2 alarms, just like structured cabling services, making them perfect for small businesses and homes.


 For an alarm to be classified as Grade 2, it must include, at least:

  • Detectors and alarm sensors.
  • Remote Control.
  • Control Panel.

What legal requirements must a Grade 2 alarm meet?


Furthermore, for a Grade 2 alarm to be recognized as such, it must meet a series of characteristics that make it safer:

  • It must include a system to notify the owner and the Police in case of incidents.
  • It must be recognized and approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • You must guarantee the confidentiality and security of the owner.
  • It must be connected to the Central Alarm Receiving Center (CRA).


In which businesses is it recommended to install a Grade 2 Alarm?

Due to its versatility, there is a wide variety of establishments where it is recommended to install a Grade 2 alarm. The most prominent would be:

  • Cafes, restaurants and bars.
  • Supermarkets and food.
  • Hotels, hostels and lodgings.
  • Sports centres and gyms.
  • Hairdressers and beauty centres.
  • Furniture and household items.
  • Leisure and recreational areas.
  • Clothing and accessories stores.
  • Shoe stores and fur stores.
  • Hardware stores and locksmiths.
  • Electronics stores.
  • Offices and offices.
  • Clinics and consultations.
  • flower shops and nurseries.
  • Toy shops.

Why Install A Grade 2 Alarm In My Business?

When it comes to ensuring the security of our business, it is necessary to take into account its level of risk. The alarms Grade 2 are designed to meet the vast majority of situations intrusion. For this reason, they are an excellent option to protect a large number of businesses.

However, it is essential to have a security advisory so that a technician scrutinizes our business. In this way, you can recommend the security system that best suits our needs.

For example, if our premises are very luxurious or located in a particularly vulnerable area, they may recommend installing a superior security system, such as grade 3 alarms.

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