Professional air compressor maintenance services, not only offer you the best solution for your Industry, but also help you to know how to use these machines properly, thereby, avoiding unnecessary breakdowns.

On this occasion, we have prepared some points that you must take into account in the efficient management of an air compressor.

  1. Location Of A Compressed Air System

When you are thinking about where to place your compressed air system, the key is to understand the specifications from the first moment to ensure that the compressor complies with all processes and extends its lifetime.

For starters, think about the air intake. For example, do not place it in a polluted and dusty area, as the compressor will absorb and direct contaminated air and dust into the air ducts.

  1. Environmental Conditions

Did you know that an increase of 5º C in the air inlet temperature will lead to a 2% reduction in the performance of your compressor?

A compressor works more efficiently if the incoming air is not too hot, so implementing a simple action like opening the vents will eliminate that 2% loss of efficiency.

  1. Energy Recovery

Heat is an unavoidable byproduct of air compression. Rather than letting this heat energy fade into the atmosphere through the cooling system and radiation, it can be reclaimed using an energy recovery system.

About 90% of the energy that works in a compressor can be recovered and used in something else. For example, as heat to heat a warehouse; hot water or steam in industrial processes; or hot water to wash your hands. Reusing this energy helps reduce emissions and energy consumption in your plant.

  1. Correct Maintenance

Proper Fluid-Aire Dynamics maintenance will have a positive effect on the performance of an air compressor. Irregular or incorrect maintenance will only have the opposite effect.

For example, oil is a component in continuous work and circulation, while it seals, cools and lubricates the operating parts of a compressor. Always choose the correct grade of oil, designed and tested to ensure operational excellence, and use the correct amount.

Select an oil that removes cleaning additives and anti-foaming agents, rather than a low-cost one that does not fulfill this function as it will impact the life of your compressor.

Filters are another area that can have an impact on the performance of a compressor. Original filters that have been designed, pressure drop and performance tested for life, will keep your air compressor system running just as it was when it was new.

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