Do you want change? Do you want to completely redecorate your home? Only you have a problem: you do not know which carpet to choose. Worse, you do not know anything about it. Do not panic, this article details the trends of the moment and some essential tips to your choice.

Before going into the concrete, we invite you to discover the 4 most popular carpets by customers currently. Trends evolve over time so we regularly update this top 4 of the best carpets. With the Carpets Leeds  and that makes the whole process perfect now. Now that you can have the best options from LJV carpets, you can have the perfect choices and solutions for the same and that also within the budget that you have. Along with the carpeting process, you can have the best choices in different kinds of floorings as well. You have to come up with the best solutions for the same and they are there with the perfect balance with it.

The living room rug

There is nothing like a carpet to perfect the decoration of your home. The living room being the main room does not hesitate to have several models to create warm and distinct spaces. You can put them in front of your sofa, in front of your TV stand or your buffet. Also think of playing with the light of your room on your carpet, for example if you choose hot colors, think to use a living room lighting with led bulbs in 2700K for example. To know more about the color of the bulbs do not hesitate to read our guide on the color of its led bulb.

You will find a wide choice of carpets. For a trendy and contemporary decoration, think about the models:

  • printed with geometric shapes
  • faux fur
  • with pastel colors
  • Checked, etc.

The rush of sea grass

If you like the rustic and ecological style, the sea grass carpet is the one you need, without any hesitation. You can then put it under your coffee table, in front of your sofa or in your bathroom. It adapts perfectly to small spaces and different styles of decoration.

Did you know: The sea grass carpet exists in different colors than brown? You can then design a decoration from a different design in your room.

The sea grass carpet combines very easily with marine, country or Provencal interiors. Do not hesitate to add wooden or wicker objects to accentuate the authenticity of your decoration.

The round carpet

Another trend of the moment, the round rug. Ideal for small areas, it is ideal for bathrooms, parent rooms or those of your children. If you want to create a cozy and welcoming room, the round carpet will be your best asset. Note that the small round rug can also be placed on a Scandinavian style coffee table for example.

The children’s carpet

You think to change the decoration in the room of your child? Want to add some color and originality? Know that there are several mats for children to achieve a cozy and comfortable space. To please them, bet on the heart-shaped, star-shaped or cartoon-like models of their favorite cartoons. You can create a comfort corner for children by adding cushions or even a paddle pad on the floor for maximum comfort.

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