Homes that were built prior to the 1980s are more likely to have an asbestos problem. The material was once very popular for use in construction due to its insulating and fire-resisting capabilities. However, studies have shown that once the fibers are disturbed and airborne, it becomes a health hazard for everyone living within the home.

Today, homeowners invest in Asbestos removal, Scottsdale, Arizona companies offer to ensure their health and safety. Since the fibers are very toxic and dangerous, there are several important preparations steps all homeowners must do before the removal can start. Here’s what you should do:

1 – Secure Work Permits

First of all, make sure that the contract has all the permits to begin with the project. Every state, city, town, or district has its own rules and regulations regarding asbestos removal permits, working with a local contractor gives you an advantage because they know the permit procedure already.

2 – Plan Proper Asbestos Disposal

Aside from permits, also talk to the contractor about their plans for disposal. Make sure everything is legal and abides by disposal rules to avoid additional fees for incorrect disposal of hazardous materials.

3 – Book Other Accommodations

Already arrange your accommodation in advance because there is no way you and your family will live in your house while the asbestos removal, Scottsdale, Arizona team is working inside.

4 – Bring Your Pets

Don’t forget to either bring your pets with you or to book them to stay at the local kennel because asbestos is just as harmful to animals as it is to humans.

5 – Plan With The Contractor

Do a walk through with the contractor to know the plan and how they plan on moving from one room to another. This way you can move furniture to rooms that are not affected to prevent contamination.

6 – Cover Items That Cannot Be Moved

However, if big pieces cannot be moved it is best to cover these with polyethylene plastic and secure all corners. This way no asbestos and dust can settle over the furniture, despite being located in the room. Avoid using a cloth cover as the harmful fibers can get stuck in the cloth and create more problems in the future.

7 – Isolate The Working Area

Cover all the doors and windows of the rooms where the contractors are removing the asbestos with polyethylene plastic sheets to prevent the fibers from circulating to the other areas of the home.

8 – Post Warning Signs

Be sure to post warning signs on your front door and other entrances to inform your family, friends, and neighbors about the asbestos removal. This way no one will enter the home and put their health at risk.

9 – Do An Air Test Before Moving Back In

It is highly recommended for homeowners to request their contractor to do a TEM (transmission electron microscopy) or a PCM (phase contrast microscopy) air sample test before moving back in. Tests that indicate there are no more than 0.1 fibers per cc means it is safe to enter the home without protective gear.

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