Septic systems can be a cause of a headache during the winter season — as what septic system repair companies could attest. The low temperature can cause the system to freeze; the presence of snow can make it inaccessible whenever it’s time to get it pumped.

However, there are things that you can do to help avoid (or solve) these issues. Read on to know about seven winter septic tank problems and their respective resolutions.

Frozen septic system components

Without proper protection, snow and frost can seep into your septic system, freezing its components or worse, the whole system itself. When this happens, your wastewater will not be broken down properly. Apart from investing in an insulating cover, you can try putting up vegetation around your tank.

Your septic tank becomes difficult to reach

Snow can really be enchanting. However, too much accumulation of snow can create an extra barrier before you can reach your tank. This makes it difficult for you to access your septic system when you need to pump it. As advised by septic repair companies, you must schedule your system maintenance during the summer or spring.

Compacted soil and snow

During winter, snow and soil can significantly cover your septic tank and drain field. When you drive over the snow and soil that have accumulated above your septic system components, they can be damaged because of too much pressure. This will make your system freeze more easily. Make sure to aerate your soil before winter; once it’s winter season, avoid driving over these parts of your lawn.

Leaking water pipes

Your house’s piping system should be inspected for leaks even before the wintertime arrives. If you’ve got leaking water pipes, it can cause your main sewer line to not drain properly. Once there’s too much accumulation of wastewater and it freezes, it can further lead to the rupture of your septic system.

Improper functioning of your pipes

Apart from leakage, clogs can also damage your water pipes and cause it to not function properly. As mentioned, impaired pipes can negatively affect the way your septic system holds, breaks down, and treats the wastewater your household produces. To prevent these damaged pipes from affecting your system, have it inspected and repaired before winter.

Your holiday activities causing your tank to overwork

Several holiday activities take place in your house during the winter season. You prepare rather elaborate holiday dishes and you invite guests over. You tend to increase your shower and laundry usage as well. As you’re using a larger amount of water than usual, more wastewater will be produced. This can cause your system to overwork. You can deal with this concern by staggering your water usage — don’t consume a large amount of water at once.

Lack of a cover

Both the exterior and interior parts of your septic system go through a lot once the winter season kicks in. Without a proper cover, your tank will be subjected to snow, sleet, and wind. To prevent these elements from damaging your tank and the rest of your system, septic system repair companies recommend to invest in a specialized snow cover to provide an extra layer of protection.

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