As the world finally realizes the importance of sustainable living, developers and architects are working together to make buildings more eco-friendly. 

People assume that building eco-friendly structures involves using high-tech materials, but that’s not the case. Steel happens to be one of the most common construction materials used for building sustainable homes; it’s been used for construction for more than 200 years and is leading the globe in green construction materials

So what is it that makes steel so great for construction?

Let’s take a look:

Unmatched Durability

When it comes to durability, there’s no real comparison—iron and steel are the best choices. Steel (an alloy of iron) is almost indestructible. Steel and iron frames continue to be used in commercial and industrial buildings because they’re fireproof and can carry heavy loads with no trouble. 

It’s no wonder that steel is the go-to choice for building skyscrapers, large bridges, and even stylish homes.  

The first three houses made of steel were displayed at the Chicago World Fair back in 1933. Jump to 2020, and steel is still the most-desired sustainable material by builders. 

In modern homes, homeowners are investing in wrought iron and steel doors instead of opting for cheaper wooden doors because of the many benefits they provide, including increased security and better returns on investment. 

Is Steel the Most Sustainable Building Material?

Steel is the most recycled material around the globe. In the US alone, more steel is recycled than paper, plastic, and aluminum; around 600m metric tons of steel are recycled every year. 

All steel components used in construction consist of recycled parts, proving steel has an unlimited lifespan. 

The steel beams used in buildings can be converted into cars, cans, appliances, and other steel beams, without the mental losing its strength. 

According to research, approx. 2000sq ft of steel from a two-story building can be recycled and used to build six cars. If wood was used instead of steel, builders won’t be able to recycle it, and would eventually require chopping down more trees. 

Steel in Homes

Steel frames are also used in houses. Recycled steel is used to build doors and windows due to its strength and durability. Because steel is so sturdy, it can hold large glass panes, making it an excellent choice for entrance doors, handrails, and frames for countertops. 

Unlike other materials that are used in construction that release pollutants like formaldehyde as a byproduct, steel is completely safe. 

Steel Vs Wood At Home

Environmentally conscious homeowners can rest assured that their homes are free of pollutants by incorporating steel structures around the house. 

Homeowners can also do their part for the environment by installing wrought iron and steel doors in the house instead of wooden doors. Wooden doors are susceptible to moisture-damage, rot, and insect activity and will eventually need replacing. 

On the other hand, iron and steel doors can last a lifetime without requiring much maintenance. They’re also more energy-efficient than wooden doors and provide better protection during harsh weather. 

Iron and steel doors may be more expensive, but they’re definitely worth the investment. 

The author is an expert in architecture and interior design, and a contributor for Pinky’s Iron Doors; a company that’s committed to manufacturing and installing high-end wrought iron and steel doors in Texas. 

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