“Put yourself in the other person’s shoes” is often the advice we give when we’re trying to understand another individual’s wants or needs. As I write this piece, I am going to apply the same principle. What, as a host, would I like to do to make my guests have an enjoyable stay, and, what, as a guest would make me return to a place?


Irrespective of what side of the host-guest relationship you’re on, comfort is one of the most important aspects of any stay. The key to comfort lies in anticipating what your guests are going to need.

Ensure that the beds are covered correctly with high-quality linens that are laundered at least every third day. Invest in good, hypoallergenic pillows too. Ensure that there are sufficient towels for your guests, as this is often an item that they don’t pack because they’re heavy and bulky.

Add some personal touches to their room before their arrival, such as a welcome basket or fresh flowers from your garden.

Privacy, Quiet, and Safety

Privacy is ultra important to any guest, whether they are on a sightseeing holiday, or away from home for work. Most accommodation establishments prioritise this guest requirement, but there may still be disruptions, such as a very loud television playing in an adjacent room.

Many Airbnb owners have an advantage in this regard as their spaces are often more intimate than large hotels or even conventional B&B’s. One host erected a log cabin at the far end of their garden which affords visitors all the privacy and peace they could wish for.

There is also a separate, coded entrance gate at that side of the property, so guests can freely enjoy themselves off the property too, and the doors of the building itself are equipped with deadbolt locks and a safety chain.

Modern Conveniences

While your guests may be away from their own homes, they are still likely to want certain modern conveniences during their stay. High-speed internet usually features at the top of the list, along with charging stations for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Include a coded safe in the room for guests to store these, or other high-value items when not in use.

Travellers from North and Central America will certainly appreciate voltage conversion adaptors in their rooms so that they can still use their small electrical items.

Another appliance that is always sought after by guests is a small fridge; some use it to store medications like insulin, while others may decide to keep restaurant leftovers inside for a midnight snack.

Some guests may require their laundry to be done. If your guest space is self-catering, you may want to include a washer-dryer in their room, or offer a laundering service for an additional fee.

These are merely a few factors to consider when preparing a space for guests. We hope they’re helpful.

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