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The foundation found in the basement of a home or structure is the most essential and vital to its well-being. Like bones of the body, if something is cracked, fractured, or broken and doesn’t get taken care of or remedied right away, the results can be dire. You may think that all basements are created the same, but in reality, each build has its own set of pros and cons. The dependability of a foundation depends on the type of foundation, the type of concrete used, the surrounding soil, the environment, and many, many other factors that can be variables in the problems a foundation will have. 


3 Consequences of Foundation Damage:


  • Foundation Crack Repair

If, while inspecting your basement, you come across cracks in the foundation that do not appear to take on any load-bearing qualities, do not panic. These cracks can typically be fixed with epoxy or some other filling agent for a very affordable price, similar to fixing a hole in the wall or a problem with the siding of your house. If there is water damage in these areas, waterproofing can be applied to avoid mold or fungus seeping into your walls. 


If there are cracks larger than ⅛”, then you may want to consult a structural engineer in your town or city to assess the damage, as these cracks may be more serious and lead to further damage with the rest of your house or structure if not properly fixed.


  • Foundation Leaks Repair

A leak is potentially more serious than a crack, as water is commonly the biggest culprit in deteriorating the solidarity of a basement or foundation of a home. The first step involved in fixing a leak is waterproofing to stymie the flow of water and prevent it from seeping to anywhere else in the foundation.


If this issue is serious enough, typically an excavator will be called in to dig around the structure and install a tile drain, then fresh cement is laid where the water had originally seeped in.


  • Settling and Sinking Repair

One of the more serious issues with a foundation is a sinking foundation repair. In this case, repairmen such as this Foundation Repair in Western Colorado will first raise the house and bring it to the height it stood at initially. The price of this repair directly relates to how far in the soil the house or structure has sunk and if there is any basement or crawlspace that prevents the structure itself from sinking into the soil.


This is a more difficult issue to research if you don’t know what you’re looking for but it is definitely one of the more serious issues you can deal with regarding the well-being of your home or commercial structure. 


After a certain degree of research and investigation, it is always better to consult with a professional regarding the health of your foundation. As initial repairs do not amount to much of a financial burden. But if not taken care of, these more severe repairs can end up costing the homeowner thousands upon thousands of dollars. All of which will be totally necessary for the future of the structure.

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