Your bedroom is the most personal, comforting room of your home – so why are so many of us happy to neglect it’s look and feel, choosing instead to focus on the areas of our house that everyone else enjoys with us? A beautifully put together bedroom does so much for your mental state and overall wellbeing so it’s well worth putting the time and effort into. If you’ve been neglecting your bedroom’s style and you’re starting to feel a little uninspired by your resting space, then it’s high time you did something about it, you are spending about half of your time in there, after all! Read on for the often overlooked importance of decorating your bedroom, with a few styling tips along the way, too…

Reflecting your personality

Your bedroom is so different from all other rooms in your home, in that it’s going to be a pure reflection of your personality! Like crazy clashing colours and patterns but too scared to commit to that look in your lounge or kitchen? Problem solved, introduce your eclectic style into your bedroom, where you can really enjoy it! A space that reflects your personality will enhance your personal style and make you feel far more inspired on a day to day basis.

Organising your belongings with clever design

Design is just about aesthetic, it’s also a thoughtful means of organising a room to maximise your use and experience. Search for storage savvy, stylish pieces such as blanket boxes, wooden bedside tables with plenty of drawers and a gorgeous statement chest of drawers. These will stash your belongings away and make all of your essentials super easy to find, even on those very early mornings when everything is a massive blur! Storage is an area to invest in, a clear space will immediately feel bigger and more comfortable, plus, you’ll get maximum use out of each piece of furniture.

Cohesive style flow

Maybe your bedroom is lacking in personality because you’re not quite sure of your taste? If this is the case, you can simply use your bedroom as an extension of the design flow throughout the rest of your home. A cohesive home feels professional and well thought out, perfect for those who love signature styles like minimalism, Hamptons or shabby chic. When in doubt, enhance the cohesive design flow – you can’t go wrong doing this one.

Calming atmosphere

This is such a major benefit of decorating your bedroom in a wise and well thought out manner! With storage, style direction and mindful decoration, your space will feel balanced, calm and relaxing – what more could you want from your bedroom? Use your room as a tool to make your sleeping and relaxing more restful, you’ll enjoy spending your time in your space so much more, promise! If you really want to up the calming ante, try to stick to muted neutral tones and calming patterns. Fill with lush plants to add some chic jungle vibes without crowding the space.

Comfort, comfort, comfort

Finally, comfort! Your bedroom needs to be comfortable, and one that’s bare and totally lacking in any kind of lustre, design or personality just isn’t going to be cosy at all! You want to feel at ease and at home in a room that’s entirely yours, and decor is the main part of that! Even just one cushion or painting can increase the comfort factor ten fold, so treat yourself and invest in your own comfort and happiness, you really are worth it.

Ready to bring some personality and style to that bedroom of yours?

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