Shoulder holsters are a great option for anyone who wants to carry their gun concealed. They allow you to keep your firearm close to the body while still allowing a reasonable amount of comfort and ease of movement. Shoulder carrying is also a more secure method, since it makes it more difficult for someone to grab your gun from you or from anywhere else on your body.

Simple, Non-Intrusive Method Of Carrying A Concealed Handgun

One of the biggest advantages of a shoulder holster is that it’s easy to use. The most common type of shoulder holster is known as an “appendix” style, which means the gun is worn on your side, near your hip bone. This position allows for quick access in case of an emergency, but also keeps the weapon concealed under clothing so you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing that you’re carrying one.

The second major benefit of having a concealed carry holster is its comfort level–or lack thereof! Most people who use this method find that their guns fit perfectly into place and don’t cause any discomfort while they’re wearing them around town or doing other activities throughout their day (including sitting down). Shoulder holsters are also incredibly discreet; no one will see what’s under your shirt unless they happen upon you removing the garment entirely (which would still be difficult without seeing where exactly on your body these items were located).

Great Alternative To Carrying A Gun On The Waist

It’s easier to conceal a james bond shoulder holster than it is to conceal a hip holster. If you’re going out in public and want to carry your gun, but don’t want people knowing that you’re packing heat, this is the way to go! You can wear a jacket or shirt over it so no one can see what’s going on underneath.

You’ll also find that wearing your gun on the shoulder allows for more flexibility in wardrobe choices than if it was strapped around your waist or thigh (which would require pants with bigger pockets). For instance, if you want to wear skinny jeans with low-rise shoes and still carry concealed–it would be nearly impossible with any other type of holster besides this one!

They Keep Your Gun Closer To Your Body

One of the best things about a shoulder holster is that it keeps your gun closer to your body. This provides several benefits:

  • Concealment is easier. It’s much harder to spot a gun under clothing when it’s near the centerline of your body, rather than hanging off one side.
  • You won’t have to worry about losing control over your firearm while drawing it from or holstering it into a shoulder holster; this can happen if you’re not careful with pocket carry (and even with IWB).


The shoulder holster is a great alternative to hip holsters, and has many benefits over them. The shoulder holster allows you to carry your gun close to your body which makes it more comfortable and prevents others from being able to see it. It also provides more flexibility in clothing choice because there are no belt loops needed for wearing one which means that most types of clothing can be worn with this type of holster including dresses or even formal wear!

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