Emojis are one of the best ways to bring your imagination to life with your friends. Especially during these days of a pandemic where people tend to stay inside their houses. People tend to use online communications to slag off their anxiety, boredom, and depression. Long conversations sometimes make people bored.

Now with the use of emojis, conversations have taken off to another level. We can easily express our thoughts, feelings, moods, ideas, and imagination with the different emojis present in our mobile phones and online applications. Below is the list of delicious looking desserts that you can share with friends through virtual communication.

Birthday Cake 

One of everyone’s favorite and most awaited desserts on any special occasion is the birthday cake emoji. This cake emoji’s presentation usually varies in different brands of mobile phones, social media, and applications. Cake emoji looks like a whole round cake, with strawberries, candies, white frosting, and a candle on top of it.

This emoji is often used when you greet someone dear to you or a friend, a happy birthday, happy baptismal, anniversaries, festivals, and other different kinds of celebrations ever existed. This cake often looks like a chocolate cake, a pink cake, or a sponge cake. 

Cupcake Emoji

The cupcake emoji is one of the delicious looking emojis that would make you crave for one. It is represented by an individual cupcake looking in a liner topped with white frosting swirl and sprinkles of small candies. The color of the cupcake comes with a light blue liner topped with a pink sponge. Cupcakes are often used to represent a little celebration. 

Chocolate Bar Emoji

Chocolate is a symbol of two people’s commitment and love. It is believed that it can make them fall in love if two people share it. This emoji is often used by couples in courting stage, and people who like someone. A chocolate bar can be sent to show love, affection, comfort, or flirt with someone.

This emoji is usually pictured as a dark chocolate bar wrapped in red like foil with a small tip slightly opened. Take note that this chocolate bar emoji has various representations depending on which brand of smartphone or application you are using. For example, WhatsApp is using a purple foil instead of red. 

Doughnut Emoji

One of everyone’s favorite go desserts is a doughnut. This emoji pictured as a circle figure with an opening in the middle coated with chocolate and sprinkled with glaze. This emoji is a symbol of the silencing of a black woman and democratic pride. This emoji doesn’t only represent your favorite dessert, but some use this as a sexual symbol.

A doughnut emoji has a different variety of presentation depending on which app or phone you are using. An example of it is in WhatsApp; it is not coated with chocolate but with pink topping.

Lollipop Emoji

This emoji looks like a  colorful candy with a spiral shape on top of a stick. The colors of its candy vary on different platforms like google shows a bright rainbow, Samsung displays a candy cane colorful pinwheel. Lollipops are usually used by people with a sweet tooth, filling their social media with mouth-watering kinds of desserts.

This cute and colorful emoji can also be represented by someone who is feeling optimistic, excited, excellent, childhood memories, and innocence. Some use this emoji as a flirtation one if you want to let them feel sexy and get kinky with you.

Ice Cream Emoji

The Ice cream emoji kind of dessert is often used during the hot season to symbolize cooling and comfort. This emoji looks like a bowl with one or two or even more scoops of ice cream topped with different wafer rolls, candy-like sprinkles, syrup, and a cherry on top. The ice cream has numerous flavors like strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. 

This emoji is used when you’re trying to ask your friend if they wanted to grab some ice cream with you later. Social media promotions often use this emoji to represent sweetness and cold like desserts. 


Emojis are one of the main languages in the online world. People nowadays use emojis as often as before. Instead of writing a long messenger, they can send emojis and have the other person understand in a more colorful way. Communicating with friends with emojis is more fun and more exciting than ever compared before. 

Emojis are small icons of your imagination that you can share with your friends. Emotions are difficult to convey, but with emojis, it is a lot easier. Remember to choose the right emoji before sending it to friends to avoid misunderstandings. 

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