Cantilever racking is a popular storage solution amongst warehouses and logistic companies. It provides unique advantages that makes the storing of long cumbersome materials a breeze. What enables its storing capabilities are its base 4 parts that are connected to provide an easy to use, stable and reliable storage system.

The base, columns, arms and bracing are a device

The base is hefty and frequently made of steel. It gives strong support and prolongs out from the bottom in order to provide sufficient counter balancing weight to any added loads. Meanwhile, its vertical pillars are highly durable and function to support the vertical arms. It is these arms that provide teh shelving surfaces to hold the various loads that you place on the racking. Finally, bracing links are constructed into the rack in order to give extra stableness.

Easy to install and set up

A cantilever device consists of 2 side arms and an I-beam placed over the arms with practically no rack, unlike traditional racking systems. It does not call for any kind of outside bracing and can be installed and uninstalled promptly saving resources and labor related to handling expenses.

Kinds Of Cantilever Racks

There are 2 types of cantilever racks – modular and structural.

Modular cantilever racks are great for customization or personalization. In this format, the racks’ components have a variety of sizes, allowing you to plug and play. If you need larger bases or arms, simply acquire the right size and join it to the rest of the modular cantilever racking structure. Typically made from heavy steel, modular cantilever racks are designed to hold a huge range of materials while retaining easy access to all of them. 

Structural Cantilever Racks are not modular in design. Instead, they are formed from bonded steel beams, thus requiring a fixed size from the start. In return, you are able to store much heavier materials within the structure of the racks. You would then retrieve the items using a hand crack mechanism to have them withdrawn. 

Fully adaptable and really versatile

Cantilever racking can be adjusted any time to match your altering demands and is easy to take down and construct. The arms can be rearranged according to the product you intend to stash and the framework can be solitary or double sided with flexibility here too. There is a large variation of setups and parts, such as end stops to stop items from sliding over the end of the arms. The structure can be resized at any area via parts being added or removed.

Choosing cantilever over pallet racking

Conventional pallet racking poses horizontal restrictions, while cantilever shelfs do not. This ensures there are no straight beam of lights that get in the way while the goods and tools is filling and unloading. Recognize you can utilize the entire length of the cantilever shelf? This is what makes holding stuff so awesome, particularly objects of varying sizes, weights and breadths. 

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