Decks and patios are great investments for homeowners. There are many kinds of decks and patios available on the market, such as an elevated patio, and various materials can be used to make them. Check out this list of four elements to consider when selecting decking materials for your home.

1. Appearance

Think carefully about how you want your deck to look. There are materials, such as redwood and cedar, that have the conventional timber look and can be stained using different colors. Note that these wood-based materials may fade over a period of time. If you want to utilize materials that will not fade, think about taking advantage of composite decking. Composite decks can mimic the appearance of wood and can last considerably longer.

2. Durability

Some decks are more durable than others. If a deck made of natural wood is not properly sealed, it can splinter, crack, rot, or become devoured by termites and other pests. There exist pressure-treated wood decks, which are known for their ability to resist warping and splitting as well as ward off insects. Decks that are made of composite materials are known to last a very long time. This is because they do not change in shape, are not prone to insect damage, and can endure extreme temperatures.

3. Workability

You must take into consideration how workable the material you purchase for your deck is. If you plan on building a standard square or rectangular deck, you can opt for wood decking since it does not require a substantial amount of bending and manipulation when installed. However, if you plan on erecting a multi-level deck or one that has an irregular shape, you may want to use composite decking material since it can be altered to fit within a particular space.

4. Maintenance

In order for your deck to look good year-round, it has to be well-maintained. Know that some decks require more maintenance than others. If you purchased decking material that had to be sealed, painted, or stained, understand that you have to reseal, repaint, or restain it on a regular basis or it will quickly deteriorate and lose its luster. Note that composite decks are renowned for needing the least amount of maintenance compared to other decks. Typically, people will utilize soap and water and clean their composite decks for a few hours once or twice each year.

A deck made of any kind of material can last over a decade if it is installed and maintained correctly. Be sure to pick decking material that will satisfy your needs as well as the needs of your home.

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