The white granite is a blend of pale silver and rock whites characterized by a very compact and homogeneous fine grain that provides an elegant and timeless decor. Although its most widespread application is kitchen countertops, white granite is also available in highly resistant flooring.

What Is The Most Used Finish?

The diversity of textures and finishes place white granite above other stones. Its great functionality provides widespread use in all types of works. The finish most commonly used for white granite is the Polished, which provides very bright and perfect for creating durable countertops.

The granite is also available in other finishes such as bush hammered or flamed, honed, leathered or hammered. In wet conditions, their behavior in the slip is very good, thanks to its roughness.

Indoors, pro stone countertops can be used for both flooring and wall cladding. In this case, the rustic and aged finishes, with a soft and irregular texture, are adapted to rooms with a modern and elegant decoration.

What Are The Benefits Of White Granite?

  1. Universal Aesthetics

Long used as a classic, white granite brings elegant and universal lines to any decoration. If we install it on a countertop, we can opt for furniture in light tones to make it the perfect counterpoint. Resistant and with little maintenance, this natural stone becomes the perfect ally to give a space a universal aesthetic that will last a lifetime.

  1. Brightness

Compared to other materials with very marked veins and dark tones, white granite will turn any space into a bright and spacious surface. Therefore, it is a perfect material to give a feeling of spaciousness to a small kitchen or a bathroom of reduced proportions. The resulting environment will be cozy and stylish.

  1. Resistance And Hardness

Granite is one of the strongest and hardest natural stones on the planet. Therefore, white granite is a winning option to withstand the most demanding activity in a kitchen. Also, its cleaning is very easy, just with a little water and mild soap.

In the domestic environment, it can be used in different dimensions and thicknesses, as it is available in larger or smaller tiles according to the work’s needs. Its regular grain used to cover small surfaces serves to produce an interesting counterpoint in any interior room. 

For floors, wall coverings, work surfaces, or countertops, white granite is always a classic bet that never goes out of style and adapts to contemporary aesthetics.

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