Have you ever imagined living the life of your dream in your dream location? This is definitely the dream of every Australian but most people do not achieve it. Thankfully, YourTown offers a lot of prize homes in some of the best locations in Australia. You can participate in the draw and win the best homes with just a few Australian dollars spent on lottery draws.

How Does Prize Homes Work?

Prize Home Tickets is the one stop destination for high-quality prize homes handpicked for lottery draws. Any Australian can win any of these prize homes provided they meet the conditions. 

Most tickets in Prize Home Tickets start at $5 and there are thousands of tickets to draw. There is also an odd for every draw but this is regulated by the state to ensure a fair play.

It is very easy to buy a ticket or donate to Prize Home Ticket. You just have to click the “Buy Ticket Now” button and when you do, you will be redirected to the charity running the draw. Payments are made directly to the charity and the money raised goes towards providing assistance to new born infants, people living with a disability, Australian veterans, members of the deaf community and young people.

YourTown Prize Home Draw 495

As the name implies, this draw is run by YourTown, one of the biggest charity organizations in Australia. Unlike most other lottery draws in Prize Home Tickets, draw 495’s tickets start from $15 and the prize home attached to this draw is valued at more than $1.7 million.

The prize home is a gorgeous Sunshine Coast getaway. It is a well-decorated home with luxury facilities. Being located in the neighbourhood of Sunshine Coast is an added advantage as you can assess some beautiful beaches in Sunshine Coast.

Other Benefits of Prize Homes Draws

There are many benefits attached to making draws for prize homes in Prize Home Tickets. Apart from the chances of winning a lot of prizes such as homes, vacations, cars, motorhomes, etc, money raised from the lottery ticket purchases are channelled towards charities for new born infants, people living with disabilities, Australian veterans, young people, surf lifesaving clubs, and members of the deaf community.

In other words, Prize Home Tickets provides a golden opportunity for Australians to save life and support millions of people in need. You can enjoy these benefits while also having the chance of winning a big prize. 

Prize Home Tickets is actively available on social media platform. You can also email or contact them for any issue or enquiry relating to the prize homes. Issues like updating information, ticket sales, and cancelling of debit cards are however handled directly by the charity. Prize Home Tickets does not handle the financial aspect of the draws; these are handled directly by the charity running the draw. If you are passionate about raising money for charities in Australia such as YourTown, the easiest way to do that is by promoting Prize Home Tickets. This is available for Australia-based businesses through business cards, stickers, and brochures. 

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