The trending real estate projects are manufactured as opposed to building from the ground up. What does this mean to construction companies? Modular buildings are becoming a hot topic all over the world. Their eco-friendliness and efficiency during construction are some of the benefits related to modular structures. Most people who are against modular housing compare them to temporary shacks. Truth be told an average person can’t spot a modular building from an onsite house.

What is a Modular House?

Modular construction involves piecing together prefabricated units on the actual site of the premises. Prefabricated units are built offsite (in a controlled environment) then transported to the job site to be pieced together. The panels can be parts of a room or individual house units which are to be fitted at the actual site to form a complete structure. Most of the modules are made from wood. The quality of the building is similar to on-site construction. The controlled factory environment ensures the standards are maintained by carrying out regular tests.

What Is the Reason for an Increased Popularity in Modular Construction?

Modular buildings have been around for several decades, but the recent fame is from the shift in the construction industry. The technological revolution in the construction industry has led to an increase in the use of new manufacturing techniques. Introduction of 3D printing and the use of robots has led to better quality buildings. CNC-controlled technologies are making their way into the construction industry. Application of modern technologies is improving efficiency in modular construction.

The skilled workforce is hard to come by, and companies have to spend a lot of money to train workers. The modular building doesn’t require many workers, unlike onsite construction. Therefore, the cost for both the company and the clients reduces significantly.

The stereotype of prefabricated buildings being shabby is unfounded. Modular houses are modern and can be designed according to the customers’ preference. Wall features can be added to the fabricated units.

What Are the Advantages of Prefab Units?

The immediate benefit of modular housing is cost saving. The construction of the modules is an efficient process with little waste. The number of construction workers has reduced; therefore, the cost of labour is low. There are no delays from start to finish meaning you will get a quick return on investment.

Construction in a controlled work environment ensures the same standard of modules and high-quality products. Modular units cause minimal impacts on the actual premise site. The only job at the construction site is piecing together modules which don’t cause interruption and damages to the site.

The material used to construct prefabricated units is mainly wood, a renewable resource. The use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials is a great move towards environmental conservation. Any waste material from the construction process undergoes recycling.

The modular building will continue gaining followers due to its sustainability and low cost. Construction companies are incorporating the use of technology, and modular construction is the best way to achieve that goal.

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