Not so long ago, when it is someone’s birthday, we usually send them a birthday card, we call them to greet them or even surprise them with a cake. But now, everything seems to change. Instead of birthday cards or call them, we text them or post our greeting on their social media accounts. Instead of an actual cake, we text them a heart and a cake emoji.

Emojis have become a big part of our lives. We use them every day to communicate with one another. It’s growing in every way we can think of. It’s taking over the world. All of us are ready to hop in this crazy bandwagon. Whether you’re a teenager or an elderly, here are the tips for using emojis in your social media. 

The Popular Emojis

As of March 2020, there are over 3000 emojis listed in the Unicode Standard. Imagine that many emojis, and you can use all of them. Emojis evolve throughout the years. They have added many facial expressions, occupations, foods from different cultures, activities, mythical creatures, cultural differences, and equality among gender and skin color.

We will not mention all the three thousand plus emojis, but we will focus on the popular ones. The ones that are often used by many and mostly seen on social media. Let’s start with the face with tears of joy emoji. They say laughter is the best medicine; we use this emoji when we see something funny and we want to share it with everyone. 

Why not start your post or message with this emoji? In that case, people will know your reaction to it. The next one is the red heart emoji, which is commonly seen in Facebook’s react button. But before Facebook, we often use this emoji when we are sending a sweet message to our loved ones. It has always been the symbol of love in the emoji language.

There are so many other emojis that we can use, not to mention the mythical creatures such as mermaid, genie, elf, dragon, fairy, and unicorn emoji. There’s also a zombie, vampire, wizard, and even a superhero emoji.

The smiling face with smiling eyes emoji is usually partnered with a complimentary or something happy and warm. Sad face emoji comes next. We use this emoji when we’re feeling down or disappointed. A funny emoji is a pile of poo emoji. People use this emoji because it’s funny, or maybe for some other reasons. It’s just getting more and more exciting because of the many emojis available!

The Why’s

Let’s talk about why use emojis on your social media. There are billions of people using social media nowadays. All of them have different likes and dislikes, either they post it on their timeline or message it to their friends, colleagues, or families. You can expect the emojis to always be there. 

Whenever you feel angry, you use an angry face emoji, or when you can’t contain your happiness, you use the rolling on the floor laughing emoji. Emojis helps us convey our message to one another. It is a tone for our posts or message and how the reader receives and understands it.

For example, if you’re selling something online, it is best to use emojis on your post, it will be more eye-catching to your potential customers. Many famous brands use emojis when they are advertising. That is one way they attract their customers online by using only a few words and more colorful emojis, making their content more pleasant to look at.

Emojis are also universal. Everyone knows, even across the world, that a smiley face means you’re happy. Also, emojis are popular with millennials and zoomers, which is today’s generation. It would be better if we learn how they communicate.

The How’s

It is easy to use emojis. All you have to do is know what you feel or something that can relate to your message, then you’ll know what emoji you need. But that’s not the case. Yes, you could pick any emoji you want for your text message, however always keep in mind to be cautious in which emoji you’ll choose and when to use it.

Not all emojis are universal. One emoji could mean nothing to you, but to others, it could be inappropriate. Emojis are meant to be used as a tone to your message or posts. That is why sometimes we need to be careful on how you use your emojis. There goes the saying that “Think before you post.” and “Less is more.”. 

Not because you have many emojis on your post or text message means your fun. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t want a million words on your single post, right? Your goal is to amplify what you mean in your message. Two to three emojis would suffice in what you are implying to. 


Emojis are fun and creative, which is why we should use it on our social media. This is one of the best ways of communicating non-verbally and very helpful in understanding the younger generation we have now. We don’t need an Emoji for Dummies just to understand what emojis are and what they are used for.

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