The air quality at home depends on where you live. The urban smog is not limited to the city center, but also easily reaches our home. In addition, devices, paints, plastics and even furniture that surround us also emit a certain portion of pollution. Air quality is a very important parameter that we can influence. It is worth taking care of the air in our home, even if we have not experienced any discomfort related to it or problems with allergies so far. For the aircon servicing singapore option this is the smartest bit.

The Closed Room Long Stay

Long stay in closed rooms may result in a set of diseases and diseases associated with permanent stay in closed and poorly ventilated rooms. The air we breathe should have adequate humidity and contain the lowest concentration of carbon dioxide and any toxins. The easiest way to improve air quality is to put pot plants in your home. They will take care of the absorption of some pollutants, but also allow reducing CO 2 from the air and increasing the amount of oxygen in the home. Long-known containers with water on the radiator will improve air humidity, but there are really many devices that will fully take care of the air quality at home.

  • The air conditioner is a device used for cooling rooms. The main elements of a split air conditioner, ie a two-part air conditioner, are a compressor (the external part of the air conditioner), an evaporator and a condenser (internal part of the air conditioner).
  • Air conditioners can be divided into wall, ceiling or standing (skirting), cassette and duct. Some models, in addition to cooling options, can also work as a heat pump or have an electric heater that is responsible for the heating function of the device.

Classic air conditioners are cheaper, but less economical

They operate in on / off mode, ie when the temperature rises, they turn on. When the set temperature is reached, the device stops cooling. Inverter air conditioners are more advanced. In addition to the smoothly adjustable compressor speed, the room temperature variations are lower, but they are also more energy-efficient. The temperature difference range is in the first case 2 o C, in the second case 1 o C.

Facing the choice of air conditioning, we have to take into account many aspects. Not only is the appearance of the indoor unit important here. Depending on the destination, there are different types of air conditioning. Below we present popular air conditioning systems and systems dedicated to various places.

Distribution of air conditioning:

Due to the size of the installation

The simplest air-conditioning devices are portable or stationary units. Such a construction makes it small, there is no assembly problem and we can use it in various places. However, it also has its drawbacks. First of all, all the elements of the installation are in one housing, which translates into more noise in the workplace, and the humidity and heat that is a side effect of the cooling process must be discharged to the outside using a pipe that can destroy the aesthetics of the interior (placed either in the window or in the ventilation duct). If you plan to use air conditioning only under exceptional conditions, i.e. only on very hot days, this solution is worth recommending.

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