The best corporate chauffeurs must represent your company with rectitude. Let us check the advantages of hiring corporate chauffeur service:


While waiting for the ride in the cab can create a hassle, especially when you are in a hurry to attend the important meeting. The pre-booked corporate chauffeur service will ensure that you are taken care of from the point of pick-up till the dropping you at the destination with style, comfort and on-time. Corporate chauffeurs will wait for you until the business is over.

Best quality security

The chauffeur service company ensures that strict measures are taken for the security of their clients. the drivers are choosing under a rigorous selection process and then adequately trained to assure that the clients get the best in class service. With the corporate chauffeur service, you have assured the better protection at all time, especially when you are carrying important documents, money or similar stuff with you. The assets are well-protected throughout the chauffeur service.

Affordable service

People avoid hiring chauffeur service assuming it to be high. But the companies that provide chauffeur service offers affordable rates and lesser amounts as compared to the cabs or taxi services, but higher service in terms of security and efficiency.

Beyond that, shuttling in the corporate chauffeur with a professional driver will give a lasting impression on your clients of efficiency and importance.


The professional chauffeur driver, with his years of experience and the professional training acquired, understands the value of privacy. The drivers are discrete and trustworthy and ensure to maintain the confidentiality of the details discussed in the vehicle, either through a person or mobile calls. The drivers strictly confide with the information overheard.

Driver efficiency

Corporate chauffeur service can be unmatched for professionalism. They are more familiar with the tight corporate deadlines and hence efficient than other service cabs. 


The pre-booked chauffeur service will be waiting for you at the pick-up point on time. The service boosts productivity by saving time during the waiting and the travel. They ensure a comfortable and safe travelling time, for you to even work on the go to the meetings.

No parking headache

The hassle of finding a parking spot is stressful, and getting late to office in finding the parking space could be even more. With the corporate chauffeur service, you would be picked and dropped at your convenience, and you would not have to find the parking space.

Reduce stress

Chances of getting stuck in the traffic or missing the critical meeting are the least when you hire for the chauffeur service. You can sit back and relax even when stuck at the traffic, as the chauffeurs will ensure to drop you at the destination at the right time scheduled and does not let you miss the meeting. 

Van Marle Chauffeurs have been a corporate service in London for twenty years. We ensure the service with the right etiquette, knowledge, and skills to meet the highest demands of the corporate companies. We provide corporate transfers, corporate transportation, events, and business meetings efficiently. Contact us today for a quote.

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