The reason why concrete floors have become common in commercial and residential buildings is their low maintenance cost. People might have been told that such floors do not require any cost to keep them in good condition. However, their maintenance cost is lower than that of other types of floors. If you are thinking of using polished concrete on your floors, you should be prepared to take care of it.

One of the main ways to enable your polished concrete floor to last long is to buy using the right equipment to clean it. Different floors have different cleaning equipment. Therefore, you cannot clean your tiles and polished concrete with the same equipment. The chances are high that cleaning the polished floor with the wrong material might reduce its lifespan, requiring you to do frequent repairs. People wish for their floors to last long. The only way to ensure such is by taking care of the floor. The right type of floor pads ought to be used during the maintenance process.

If your house has a concrete floor, you cannot just walk in the store and buy any cleaning agent. Highly alkaline or acidic cleaners would deteriorate the polished concrete floor. Such a case would require you to repair the damaged floor.

Different types of dirt can get on your floor. If such happens, you need to identify the kind of dirt before determining the cleaning agent to use. In the case of oils, a person needs to be extra careful since using the wrong chemical can damage your floor. For instance, petroleum oils are different from other types of oils and should be cleaned using emulsification. The process requires an individual to break down the oil with a particular cleaning agent and removing it with water.

Animal oils need to be saponified. The process involves breaking down the oils into a soapy solution that can be rinsed with water. It is advisable to rinse the floor well to avoid leaving any residue behind that might interfere with the natural shine.

Other than oils, other types of dirt can be easily cleaned with soap and water. If you want to maintain the polished concrete floor’s natural shine, you should frequently clean it with the right cleaning agents. If the floor is soiled, begin by determining the type of soil to make it easy to clean. Sandy soil does not float on water, and if not properly cleaned, it might damage the floor. The soil has the properties of an abrasive, and therefore, it can easily damage your floor.

People choose to install polished concrete floors, thinking that they are easy to maintain. Well, they are easy. However, cleaning them is a challenge because a person needs to know the cleaning agents they can and cannot use to clean the floor. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research to ensure that you protect the floor. The more you protect it, the longer it will last. If you need expert help, consider contacting Polished Concrete 1.

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