You might be interested in a Deep Fryer but you’re not sure how to tell the difference between a Deep Fryer and the Tiniest Deep Fryer. Read on to discover which is the best type of fryer for you.

First, think about what you want from your Deep Fryer. Is it to make the perfect-flavored deep fried treat? Or, is it to create more uniform batter in order to evenly fry your food?

Oster offers the smallest size of Deep Fryer on the market. At 13 inches tall, this is also the only Oster deep fryer that is intended for use as a counter-top model. Oster does not offer any other Deep Fryer sizes or for use on the stove top.

All Oster deep fryers have a non-stick bottom. They also have a stainless steel rim and removable strainer. The stainless steel construction makes them easy to clean and makes them easily sanitary.

Mini Deep Fryer

Oster has designed their Oster deep fryers to be quite versatile. They have a removable basket, which is often used for cleaning the internal components of the Deep Fryer. Oster’s sizzling, sturdy basket can hold the batter for the fry time. Then, the Oster sizzles and fries the batter in the center of the basket.

The best part of the Oster is that they do not utilize aluminum or cast iron skillets to cook their foods. Instead, they use cast iron materials. The cast iron material allows for quicker cooking times and thus, gives the consumer the ability to prepare the best possible, healthy and delicious food every time.

Oster also uses a lot of other supplies on their Oster models. These supplies include: a stainless steel coating, a portable light stand, a frying thermometer, the instructions, the bowl and the handle.

There are two main types of portable fryer. There are the Electronistic Deep Fryer and the Electrostatic Deep Fryer. Neither of these have the capability to fry food in a circular pattern.

When you are looking for the Oster deep fryer, you should consider both the Electronistic and the Electrostatic fryers. Both of these fryers come with their own benefits and drawbacks.


With an Electronistic Deep Fryer, the ability to perform several different functions makes it ideal for families and even individuals. The Electronistic deep fryer contains a capacity to fry at different temperatures. It has multiple controls and is very easy to clean.

The Electrostatic Deep Fryer, however, uses a special type of electricity which will create a circle of electric currents around the food that is being prepared. The process of using electricity creates a vortex inside the fryer that results in airtight, air-tight pockets within the bowl of the fryer. The result is a more consistent, hotter temperature, a uniformed frying process and a healthier and tastier fried food.

Oster is one of the few manufacturers of fryers who create fryers that are for use on the stove top as well as for the counter top. They also use state of the art technology to produce the best fryers available.

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