Contemporary apartments and homes hardly have extra space for a walk-in closet, unless you have a sprawling mansion. Your bedroom must accommodate the wardrobes, effectively as a part of the design with no compromises on functionality and features. Modular bedroom wardrobes are getting popular with time, given that standard standalone designs hardly suffice the needs. If you check online for bedroom wardrobe design catalogue, you will find diverse designs, styles, which can fit even in the smallest rooms. In this post, we have enlisted the mistakes you must avoid while designing bedroom wardrobes.

Don’t go small with size

Most of us own things, accessories, luggage and stuff that we don’t need on a regular basis, and it makes sense to store everything away from sight. When it comes to the bedroom wardrobe, make sure that you use as much space on the wall as available. Cabinets and modules all the way to the ceiling must be considered to keep the bedroom more organized. Even if a bigger bedroom wardrobe costs more, the extra is always worth paying for.

Don’t compromise on installation

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of ordering modular bedroom wardrobes from companies that offer cheap prices. However, this often means spending a lot more on repairs and maintenance later. Always select an installer you can rely on, even if they charge a tad more. Planning & installation has to be done right from the start, and with the best companies, you can even expect a warranty of at least five years.

Don’t miss on drawers

Besides spaces and cabinets to hang your stuff, your bedroom wardrobe must also have pull-out drawers. From standard drawers, where you can store your stuff in an organized way, to sectioned drawers that are more ideal for storing accessories and jewelry, there are many options. You can also install pull-out drawers that are specifically designed for shoes.

Don’t miss on materials

The carcass and shutters of most bedroom wardrobes are made of engineered wood and plywood in general. Check with the installation service to know what they can offer. Never compromise on the quality of materials that are used for wardrobes, because the cheap ones will need replacement in no time. Top of your bedroom wardrobe has to be strong enough, especially if you have sliding doors.

Final word

Budget is often a concern for selecting a bedroom wardrobe, but think of this as an investment for at least next ten years. Don’t shy away from taking a few risks, and the design must accommodate your storage needs and should be trendy. You can choose to add full-length mirrors to save the cost of having an extra dresser. Check for designs, finishes and materials now!

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