Is your air conditioning broken? There seems to be a leak? Are you hearing abnormal noises from your air conditioner? Quickly call on heating or refrigeration technicians, air conditioning troubleshooting specialists near you. Authorized repairers intervene quickly within 48 hours, or even 24 hours in the event of an emergency, to troubleshoot your air conditioning.

Diagnosis and repair of air conditioning systems

Trained in troubleshooting appliances of all brands, technicians are air conditioning specialists. At your place, technician performs a fault diagnosis and details the intervention to be carried out (with estimate and presentation of the parts to be replaced). A simple validation on your part allows the problem to be immediately resolved. In fact, in most cases, they can replace the part immediately: the part designated by the diagnosis and the estimate is in the recovery vehicle! Otherwise, they have a stock of parts in branch and in logistics center in order to send the equipment as quickly as possible to the technician.

Live troubleshooting, advice and security included

All heating experts for air conditioning repair san diego are trained to carry out maintenance operations on air conditioning systems in complete safety. His service completed, technician puts the premises in order. To facilitate the intervention, it is requested to clear the accesses to the devices.

Depending on the problem identified, experts will provide you with advice to avoid further problems. The teams are qualified for work on thermodynamic systems, and agencies are certified, allowing them to obtain the RGE certification: Recognized Guarantor of the environment. For more peace of mind, you can also subscribe to one of our maintenance contracts, including an annual visit as well as travel and labor in the event of breakdowns.

The expertise of teams, in all branches, allows supporting you throughout the life cycle of your device. As soon as your air conditioning need arises, technical experts can assist you to analyze your needs with you and thus help you choose the right solution. Plumbers will then be present to carry out the installation of your device in the rules of the art. They do not carry out any subcontracting, which allows to directly ensure the quality of the services provided.

Why perform air conditioning service?

Air conditioning service is not part of the normal service inspection, but there are several good reasons to have your air condition system checked:

  • An ordinary air conditioning system loses approx. 10% of its refrigerant each year, and the lack of refrigerant can have consequences for the effect of the system.
  • Along with the refrigerant circulates an oil that lubricates gaskets and compressor. If the compressor is not lubricated, it may eventually break, resulting in a more expensive repair.

It is recommended having your air conditioning system checked every two years. It gives the system the best conditions to last as long as possible.

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