Elegance, distinction, modernity, style and design, lots of design. This is how many clients define marble. And it is that this natural stone has become in recent years, one of the claims of great professionals in the decoration, interior design and architecture sector for their most demanding projects. From its application on countertops, coatings, floors, walls, or even furniture and decoration, it has become the main protagonist of design houses, the same applies to granite selection.

The marble has never gone out of fashion, and have become one of the natural stones most demanded by architects and interior designers. Thanks to its impressive natural designs, this material offers, in addition to hardness, exclusive and ideal designs to add character and personality to any space.

Design Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the spaces where we are used to seeing materials such as marble. And it has been used as a countertop for many years. Currently, in addition to its use as a kitchen counter, marble has become a key piece in the design of these spaces. The result? Designer kitchens with incredible style and elegance.

Incredible Marble Bathrooms

Another of the most common spaces where we have been able to find marble over the years is in the bathroom. And it is that, thanks to its characteristics, it is one of the perfect materials for use as a covering, flooring or even in bathtubs and sinks.

Interior Design

In addition to its functionality, resistance and easy maintenance, marble has become a design piece. The covering of walls or floors, as well as other elements such as blocks or fireplaces are positioned as one of the key trends in their use for design houses. And, there is no one who resists such incredible results as these.

Furniture And Decoration With Marble

As we already know, marble is a pure trend for this season. Hence, large manufacturers of furniture and decoration have opted for this material. Thanks to its simplicity as well as elegance, this natural stone brings distinction and a lot of personality.

Marbles are materials that never go out of style. You already know that temporary trends drive this interior decoration. What one day is in fashion, tomorrow surely will no longer be. But there are certain materials, like wood for furniture, and stones for countertops, that never go out of style. What do you think of this trend?

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