Garden chairs and benches fulfill an essential function and service, such as providing comfort, in order to be able to contemplate the splendid views that nature brings. Therefore, if you want to decorate your garden area, it is necessary to review the various materials, as well as the designs that exist with this type of furniture for outdoor green areas. You should also stop and think about which materials are more resistant, durable, and not subject to the consequences of corrosion. In order to help you choose the right garden bench, we will focus on the materials with which it is made, as well as the characteristics of each one. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Works of Nature

Gardens are beautiful works of nature, created so you can enjoy nature. It is an important recreational space within large cities, as well as particularly in homes. It poses an alternative in design and beauty within various habitable areas including your backyard. If you want to create a garden, it is necessary to verify specific factors, such as the space, the type of vegetation that is desired, the need for shade or sun, the planting of large or small trees, etc., but also, it is necessary to emphasize the furniture with which the gardens will be equipped, such as chairs, benches, and tables.

The Different Options

An extremely durable material used in most garden and park furniture is iron, although we also see benches with metallic and organic materials such as wood and wicker, which aesthetically transform visual landscapes. Over time, plastic began to be adopted due to its lower cost, durability, and easy cleaning, although plastic finishes were observed to deteriorate over time. Despite this, they were presented as a good option, but not the best.

Metal Benches

In recent times, wood has resurfaced in the aesthetics of parks and gardens, this with the appearance of more resistant and durable logs such as tropical woods, for example, rattan, which are presented as a durable aesthetic option provides proper maintenance. Now, metal garden furniture represents the most common option for parks and public green areas. Many of us have seen them scattered throughout the city parks, since their composition makes them highly visible and resistant, as well as always having splendidly carved designs. However, it should be mentioned that there are also more modern and minimalist designs.

The colors of the iron garden benches generally fall into three categories; white, green, and black, although they can vary according to the design. Likewise, in general, they have special paint protection that prevents them from rusting easily. In addition, most wrought iron garden furniture is extremely ideal for humid and rainy climates. These benches are usually very heavy.

The Industrial Option

Like most materials, there are also wrought iron benches combined with other materials, such as precious stones (for example marble), mosaics, or various types of wood. Another type of metal garden furniture is aluminum, which, due to its versatility, has taken center stage in many parks and home gardens. In the case of chairs made of steel, their light handling allows them greater mobility compared to those made of wrought iron. In addition, their resistance is equal or more against the adversities of the weather. Regarding its design, the conditions of the steel give this furniture a more industrial look.

Most Preferred Garden Benches

Most homeowners prefer the wooden garden benches due to their components. They are lighter, cheaper as well as splendid in their designs. Nowadays, most of the wooden garden furniture is made with light and tropical logs such as bamboo. There is also teak, and are usually chosen based on their characteristics. They may be a little more costly, but affordable enough to purchase due to their longevity. One of the unbeatable advantages of wooden furniture is that they combine with practically any type of environment and are easy to transport. It should be added that, with respect to this type of furniture, if it is not subjected to constant maintenance to keep it looking good.

What To Consider?

When you are choosing your garden benches, there are some things to consider such as:

  • The size of the space you want to dress up
  • The design
  • The functionality
  • The material

You can personalize your garden benches to change the ambiance of your garden area. Adding a bench from a trusted retailer such as The Charming Bench Company to your outdoor space is a great idea any time of the year.

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