People generally consider marble fireplaces as a special addition to their home. People have been fascinated with marble for many years and to know how to choose marble fireplace for your home, you may visit the website of Marblebee that will offer you many new ideas.

Marble is a quite durable material, but it can be porous and hence can get stained from acidic material. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean them.

Few tips for marble fireplace cleaning 

Let us discuss here how to clean marble fireplace.

  1. By using a soft cloth, you can remove any dust and dirt on the surface of the fireplace.
  2. For removing any marble stains, use a clean soft cloth dipped in water (preferably distilled water).
  3. Ensure that the water used must be lukewarm. Prefer to use a microfiber cloth and wring it well and avoid excess water. Also, avoid air-drying the marble so that water spots should not be created.
  4. With dampened cloth wipe the fireplace lightly by paying special attention to the stained areas.
  5. While cleaning any working fireplace, it may get messy, so place down sheeting so that escaping ash may fall on it.
  6. For very dirty stone, often rinse the cloth so that it leaves no dirty film behind.
  7. Always remember the longer will you leave it, also the deeper the stain may penetrate the stone.
  8. If water is not good enough to remove entire stains, then you must use any specialist cleaning product meant specially for marble. You have to select the cleaner by doing a few trials and need to be a little careful and cautious.
  9. If you are trying any new cleaner then you must read the directions very carefully before using it. Start by testing the cleaning product on a few smaller areas and make sure that it does not damage your marble.
  10. After removing all the stain, you can wax it to bring back the shine on the marble. Ensure that you use a good quality of wax.

After the marble is dry and clean, buff it by using a cloth until it shines.

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