With more and more hotels looking to upgrade their aesthetics to stay on-trend, there is less time spent on actually going in person to procure decor. Contrary to popular belief, a well crafted, creatively executed interior can be just what a hotel needs to convert a casual guest into a lifelong customer.  

The Importance of a Good Design

Your hotel’s interior design is as important to your image as your website. After all, it is the first thing people see when they arrive at your location. You don’t want to present an image that looks like you decorated your lobby and rooms from IKEA.  Your interior, just like your greeting leaves an important first impression that clients will use to determine if they want to return to your hotel in the future.

The World Under Your Feet

It may surprise you to know just how much attention people pay to what’s under their feet. A welcoming rug or carpet in the lobby can create a sense of safety and calm while a thick plush carpet in a hotel room can create a feeling of luxury and relaxation. Populating your hotel with quality flooring and matching colors is a great way to create the aesthetic and atmosphere you desire.

Make Them Stay

The interior of an establishment also speaks volumes about its owner and his/her attitude towards hospitality. Comfortable seats are probably the best way to say “welcome” once they’ve decided to be your patrons. Seating them at a neat table with smooth edges and offering them chairs that are built for their “nether place” contours is probably the equivalent of the “sirens” singing to Odysseus – totally irresistible!

Get The Help You Need

To help you stand out from the crowd of ordinary hotels, you need a design that will make your business rise above the rest. If you are in hospitality it is even more important to pay attention to the small details that will make it all come together. When you work with an interior designer,  they are sure to help you find a color combination that speaks to you that can be paired with any design for stunning results. 

Making the Choice

Choosing the hotel flooring is an art in itself. It’s an interior designer’s most daunting ensemble element because it comes into direct contact with potential customers. People won’t hang around if the flooring is jarring and visually displeasing. Your choice of hotel interior design could be the making or breaking of your business. Therefore, choose well, and keep those factors in mind that will affect your clientele.

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