By definition, an interior architect is a specialist in arranging space. In his work he should be guided, inter alia, by creativity and technical knowledge about the principles of erecting buildings. A good architect, creating an original and unique project, must remember about the needs of the household, functionality and aesthetics of finishing the flat he is working on.

What does an interior architect deal with?

The daily work of the interior designer is based on creating many drawings of the layout of the house and considering its wise management and equipment. It is important to enter the shoes of future home users and analyze every solution introduced. The best interior designers talked about their profession:

The interior designer deals with everything related to the ergonomics and aesthetics of the finished rooms. Starting from the functional aspect of apartment arrangement, and ending with a nice and harmonious final appearance. It is about a good combination of these two points. It happens that architects dealing with building designing focus their attention on technical issues and do not always pay attention to the functional layout of individual rooms. Often, the first task of the interior architect is to change the housing system, which is uncomfortable for the owners, and consequently to design an ergonomically organized and visually interesting space.

Is the role of the interior designer limited to choosing expensive paints and expensive furniture?

The role of the interior architect is not only reasonable and in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, the furnishing of the rooms, but also the adjustment of the arrangement to the needs and abilities of a particular investor. After all, why would a client want a concept that he will not realize, because he simply cannot afford it. A smart and prudent approach is the key to success.

The expert agrees, and at the same time emphasizes that he often has to be able to read between words to get to know the client’s requirements and expectations. He also points out that much information needs to be filtered and treated as inspiration. The important thing in the interior designer’s work is to be able to adjust the expectations to the investor’s metric and financial options. As he emphasizes, the project presented to the client must be as close as possible to what has been said during the preliminary interview, but the effect of surprise is usually welcome.

How important is cooperation?

The interior cannot exist without the architect and client acting jointly. It is not possible, especially in a private home, for the designer to realize the work without knowledge about the tastes of the household. Even an investor who decides to design a commercial space has already set expectations for it. Talking is a key element of good cooperation. Nevertheless, the entire work of an architect can be focused around several obligatory and logically consecutive stages. These are the matters that you will have to be specific about and that make the whole process a success for all. This is the smart matter for you.

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