Socialising at home has risen in popularity during periods of lockdown with a greater number of residents seeking to host friends in a safe, uncrowded space. As a result of this development, and in tandem with numerous home renovations, it is residential neighbourhoods that are becoming the new social spots for activities.

Since our personal living spaces have their limitations, it is gardens that are gaining the most attention, with residents seeking to make their outdoor areas more accommodating to friends and family who want to come and spend time gathering together. So, what is considered a traditional garden space is now changing.

It’s understandable that you might have the same desire to transform your garden. Having a personal outdoor space become a social destination is remarkably satisfying and can be fulfilled all year round. So, to get you started, here are four brilliant ways you can achieve this goal.

A Place For Activities

Adding exciting features to your garden, those that facilitate activities, is a surefire way to attract visitors. Some homeowners set up outdoor games that families, especially those with young children can enjoy, while others use their garden spaces to amplify their own hobbies. Foodies, for example, can make the outdoors an essential part of hosting dinner, plucking homegrown ingredients and cooking in adobe clay pizza ovens. While more indulgent residents might choose a jacuzzi instead!

A Place To Stay

If you have the space, or are willing to exchange your garden shed, then creating a decadent and cosy place to stay in your garden can encourage guests to visit, knowing that they can look forward to their own private haven. Log cabins and summer houses have become popular among residents for their ease of construction and affordability, as well as the potential luxury of their design. Guest rooms can be created with amenities and utilities that allow the space to stand freely alone from the house, offering guests the independence that facilitates comfort.

A Place For Safety

As health concerns continue to emanate, more people are seeking to socialise in spaces that feel comfortable. This is why many homeowners are working on their gardens, seeing them as more comfortable places to host friends and family who might otherwise feel less comfortable inside the home. By creating such a space, especially one that allows guests to enjoy the outside without the challenge of the weather, typically with the addition of windbreaks and heat lamps, visitors will be more eager to pop over.

A Place To Marvel

While it is the contents of a garden that most often draw people to socialise there, it must also be aesthetically pleasing since guests will only enjoy a space if they find it attractive. Thankfully, gardens have amazing potential and from an array of flora to stylish garden furniture, exterior decor can be the talk of the neighbourhood. Additionally, if your garden is not naturally designed with pleasant views, modest vistas can be created with well-kept trees and shrubs, helping a space to feel contained and cosy.

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