A leaking roof is not fun to deal with. But, leaving your roof leaking for too long will lead to more significant issues than just running for the bucket to catch the dripping water. If your roof is leaking, you must hire Wilmington roofing service to assess the situation and offer a lasting solution. It is important to know the common causes of roof leaks to prevent the issues from getting worse and protect your home. The following are the common causes of roof leaks:

Loose Shingles

The shingles in your roof become loose over time. In fact, they may curl or rot and this can lead to real issues for your house and the entire roof. If you think you have loose shingles, you may need to get the shingles replaced. You must hire a roofing expert to get the job done properly.

Pooled Water

Water may pool on your roof if the surface has a low slope. This will result in extra weight and stress on the roof, which could damage it and cause it to leak. You can prevent water from pooling on the roof by ensuring the surface is well-designed. Also, have a proper draining system with clear drains, downspouts, and gutters. 

Cracked Flashing

Flashing are pieces of metal under shingles and on the roof joints. These thin materials form a water-resistant barrier. The flashing can crack because of weather such as rain or wind, which can cause the roof to leak. When this happens, the flashing must be replaced without causing further damage. And because this is a tough job, it should be left to a professional who has the right tools and experience. Roofing experts can install your flashing properly to ensure it can withstand tough weather conditions that may impact your roof.

Vent Leaks

Roof vents expel excess heat and moisture to reduce the risk of mold growth inside your house. If the vent leaks, there may be dark spots forming around the area and can create a musty smell. A vent leak can result from a crack in the flashing seal or damage to the vent itself. To fix an existing roof vent problem, a pry bar is needed to release the seal on any connecting tiles or shingles. Only roofing professionals can do the job correctly and safely. 

Old Age

Your roof will become weaker with age. Constant exposure to the elements will damage the roof’s structure and increase the chances of leaks. If your leaking roof has served its useful life, considering having it replaced altogether. 

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