Irrespective of whether someone is moving, renovating or simply reclaiming storage space, the need to hire storage space is common to all. This storage solution vertical has thus managed to ensure that there is room for all excesses that come its way. Thus storage solutions are like manna from heaven especially when the house or business establishment becomes too cluttered to even move around without tripping or finding everyday regular things becomes an irritating problem.

But seeing the localised character of this industry and the intense competition faced therein, it would not be wrong to say that customer reviews help sway the tides. Thus when the modes of finding a self-storage provider is usually online or walking into the nearest store that one has previously seen, getting a good review can help garner some extra sales. To see the self-storage provider nearest to your locality, Click Here

Need for customer reviews

Visibility is probably the most important factor which influences the successful outcome of a business. But in order to find appropriate processes to gain this visibility, it is important to understand and address the concern that a self-storage provider might have and find solutions for the same.

One of the main concerns that self-storage providers have with regards to generating customer reviews is cost. Since every penny counts in a business, spending a fortune on placing advertisements especially when there is a hint of uncertainty to the outcome, can seem quite inappropriate. But in order to get over this problem, self-storage providers can opt to collect reviews from third party websites relevant to the location of the self-storage service provider.

The availability of customer reviews on the websites help self-storage providers in a number of ways like:

  • Trust building: The placement of good reviews onto the website of a storage service provider, especially from a third-party website, builds trust in people and helps ease out their worries regarding the safety and security of their belongings and valuables. Placing the reviews collected on the landing pages imparts a positivity which gives web visitors an assurance that trust placed on the concerned company will not go to waste. Certain third party websites also enable tagging which makes the widget on the storage service provider’s website to display the reviews based on the location from which they have been collected. Thus web visitors are treated to a personalised experience which is based on the geo-location that they belong to.
  • Collecting feedback: Another way to collect reviews and feedback is to ask any person who signs up at the storage provider’s website for a review. Sending an automated email with the questionnaire and requesting them for a feedback also ensures availability of good reviews on the website. Another important aspect of this feedback collection is that once the same has been collected, the web visitor gets added onto the customer database and will now be able to send promotional offers to the visitor irrespective of whether he is a customer as yet or not. Thus it is a very good way to keep in touch with loyal and potential customers thereby collecting more feedback in the process. These too can be displayed on the website as and when required.
  • Enable auto marketing: Online reviews have the potential to become a supplemental marketing effort which enables a company to build up its brand and promote it without actually having to pay and engage people to do it. Thus by providing real accounts from actual customers, these reviews help to build the reputation of the company automatically.

Thus customer reviews have great power in them. But for them to be actually effective, they need to be placed either on the landing WebPages or near the sign-up or purchase tabs. The automated review asking mechanism also needs to be placed at an advantageous position so that they can be prompted to write the review while it is still fresh in their minds.

Self-storage service providers make it easy for people to store their excess belongings in safe and reliable conditions. Thus by providing good service, they gain the right to get good reviews which in turn help boost their sales volumes. This in turn enables them to offer their services to more and more people and building a brand based on honest hard work and sincerity.

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