Every storm in your life is followed by a rainbow

A Rainbow is a mixture of seven colors. The most beautiful colors which we see in the sky, which adds glory to our life.

Adding a rainbow in your life means adding different colors to your life and make your life a beautiful mixture of several feelings.

We all go through different stages in our life. Every aspect has a different significance. With picture frames, we can add those colors in our life permanently.

Our life is like a moon that has to go through different phases whether we like it or not.

But it is a fact that every phase is equally important. Every phase adds some colors in our life and leaves us with different lessons and memories.

How do we remember all those colors?

How these colors prove to be significant?

Framing all the different phases of our life in different picture frames help us in adding a variety of colors to our life.

Memories and collection of each phase packed in a beautiful picture frame in a form of collage help us in reviving and refilling all those colors again.

Everyone learns from their mistakes and success as well but it is important to remember them.

Remembering all the moments and reviving them at the perfect time is not possible but framing all the significant moments of your life in picture frames and placing them in different areas of your house or working place can solve this purpose.

Picture frames in this regard besides multiplying the décor will also refill your life with beautiful and alluring colors and you will be easily able to revive all your lessons and moments easily.

Everyone wants to be happy; nobody wants to be in pain. But you can have a rainbow without any rain.

What a deep message it gives. Simply in life, nobody wants to be in pain. Every person desires for a happy life and keeps sadness away from them but life is full of different experiences. It cannot give you the same moment and emotion over and over again.

Life gives you happy moments and the saddest as well. But how you spend your entire life depends on how you want to lead it.

If you make your life a rainbow, if you wish to add beautiful colors to your life then you can just frame your most important and the happiest moments in a picture frame and keep them close to you forever. Those happy moments are different colors of the rainbow which will constantly remind you of the good happy old days and continue to refill colors into your life.

Keeping yourself happy is not a deed anyone is going to do for you.

It is you who can help yourself.

Only you are responsible for filling colors into your life.

Do not be late and fill your life with different beautiful colors by adding picture frames to each beautiful color or phase of life.

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