Exteriors doors in any house plays important role to provide security. Exterior doors must be durable and fashionable at the same time. Material chosen for exterior doors must be water proof and weather proof. Among various door options wooden doors are most cost efficient. If you take proper care of exterior doors and maintain then time to time they serve for many years. It’s better to know some major causes of exterior door damage. When you take precautionary steps to avoid any damage these doors lasts long.

Causes of damage of exterior doors

There is a difference between interior furniture and exterior furniture. Interior furniture, doors and windows could be manufactured with sophisticated materials. Interior furniture never come in direct contact of sun and water so you can focus to be classy. So far exterior doorsare concerned the first thing you should keep in mind is durability rather than showcase. Various weather conditions such as sun, air, water and dust spoils the shine of exterior doors. To keep your exterior wooden doors shining forever you should polish them every year. To avoid weather damage painted doors are the best option. You can clean it easily with any mild detergent. Sometimes light also destroys the beauty of outer doors so you can apply varnish to keep the shining locked. For serious dents and deep scratches you can use epoxy wood filters.

PVC exterior doors looks more attractive than wooden doors

When you think about a door material which looks great as well as cost effective PVC is an ideal option. PVC doors are available in various colours, designs and styles that can match your interior furniture as well. PVC doors are visually appealing and energy efficient. PVC is a material which locks outside heat and wind andkeeps the inside temperature moderate. You can buy exterior doors made of PVC that gives you feel of oak or rose wood which are shining and costly materials. You can associate glass with PVC to give more adorable look.

How to choose exterior doors?

Despite of the fact that wooden furniture gets affected by weather conditions still wooden doors are favourite of most homeowners. During severe rainy days wood doors might shrink or swell. During extreme heat wood lose its lustre and extreme cold weather wrap or bow the doors. Inspite of these flaws most of homeowners prefers wooden furniture. If you are searching cost effective solution wooden doors are only option. Fiberglass and steel doors are costly options and you can get high tech doors when going for them. It depends upon your spending capacity, you can choose from wide range of colour, design and styles of exterior doors. You can combine wooden frames with glass fitting for more attractive option. You can go for framing of steel or fiberglass and keep wood in centre. Also, you can go for frame with wood and keep steel or fiberglass in centre.

Exterior doors could be designed in various styles i.e. single panel door, sliding door or double hung door. Most of the patio and terrace doors are designed double hung. Most of the main gate in any house are single door either made of steel or wood. Elegantexterior doors not only provide security but also add value to your home.

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