Life is full of twists and turns. You may get promoted in your job. You may be involved in a road accident. Or, you may become a victim of a robbery. When your private, personal space is invaded, it’s inevitable to feel traumatized — especially if something valuable has been stolen. However, actions should be taken immediately — from contacting authorities to making your home more secure through the help of a full service locksmith.

By The Numbers

Did you know that home break-in incidents have actually declined by nearly 20% over the past decade, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics? However, this doesn’t give you the right to be complacent.

Still, a huge chunk of burglary — 58% — is categorized under the so-called “forcible entry.” This indicates that most burglars are determined to get inside your home. Estimates further show that 34% of robbers use the front door while 22% use the back door.

These figures highlight how important it is to make your home secure. And one of the things you can do is to get help from a full service locksmith.

You’ve Been Robbed — What’s Next?

Here are the nine most important things you need to do in case of burglary incident:

Get in touch with local authorities. Contact the local police immediately and alert them that someone has broken into your home. Bear in mind that this should be done in a safe place as the burglar might still be somewhere in your home.

Hide in a safe place. As mentioned above, you need to find a safe hiding place — and you should stay there only once the authorities arrive.

Take photos, but don’t touch anything. It’s important to document the scene in your home after the break-in, but be cautious not to touch anything so as not to destroy any evidence that can be used. The photos you’ll have might be needed once you get in touch with your insurance agent.

Determine if something was stolen. Assess your belongings and inspect if something had been stolen. This will help determine why your house was targeted by the burglars. This will also let you know if any of your important documents (e.g. Passport, financial statements) are missing.

Contact your insurance company. Alert them about the burglary and submit all the needed documents and pieces of evidence (e.g. Comprehensive report from the police, list of damaged and missing items) in order to process your claim.

Clean up your home. Once the police give you a go signal, do clean up your home so you can have a clearer sense of how things stand at your place. You can get help from your family members and friends — for at this crucial moment, you have to have someone to talk to and help you out.

Beef up your security solutions. From hiring a full service locksmith to considering installing a CCTV system, one thing is for certain: You have to review and enhance your safety measurements.

Give your bank a call. Even though none of your cards or financial statements are lost, it’s still advised to give your bank a heads up about the burglary that took place in your home.

Let your neighbors know. This will prompt them to become more secure and vigilant — no one knows when burglary will take place next.

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