Designing a living room – or any room, really – is no easy task. A completely empty space or one that needs some reinventing can be very daunting, where do you even start? Well, finding a little style inspiration is the answer and you’ve come to just the right place to get it! Here are six design categories and ideas that are perfect for any living room…


Bohemian living rooms should be bold and brave, incorporating eclectic pieces, bright colours, embellished accents and exciting textures. Choose dark, glossy woods to add a richness to your fun and beautiful boho home. Look for ornate sofa sets, Persian rugs, sheer curtains and intricately made throw cushions. Fabric tapestries, wall hangings and warm lampshades will all add to the collected, traveller vibe of the bohemian lifestyle.

Rustic Country

Rustic interior design is about warmth and intimate living, and when it’s combined with the charm and tactility of country style, truly magical things happen! Look for tones like cobalt blue, mustard, muted pink and warm, biscuity brown. Choose intricate upholstery, colourful tones and whimsical patterns such as gingham or tartan, and mix with unfinished woods, combine oversized elements with delicate accents and materials. Search for sofas and fabric chairs that use quilting, silk and velvet to add a sense of luxury to your down to earth living space.


Indoor-outdoor living is a cornerstone of Hamptons style, and for your living room to capture the luscious, luxurious tone of this seaside-centric aesthetic, you’ll need to have some wide windows and plenty of natural light. Look for oversized, plush couches, fabric chairs and blanket boxes whilst sticking to lighter woods and materials such as linen, pine, hessian and blue-toned glass. Add elements of the beach such as shells and nautical patterns to really get the spirit right and reference the coastal community that this style comes from!


Industrial style is inspired by factory environments and all things functionality. This aesthetic is edgy, modern, urban and inviting. Industrial homes need to veer towards natural tones such as russet, brown, metallic silver and black. The majority of this palette comes from the natural materials that define industrial style homes, look for pieces crafted out of iron, steel, concrete, brick, glass and timber. Exposed wires, beams, brick and wheels will all add to the functional vibe here. Don’t be afraid of incorporating some linen and wool accents as well as greenery to warm it up a little.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is tactile, textured and eclectic, all whilst remaining pared-back and relatively simple. Look for unfinished edges, sanded paint and mismatched hardware when shopping for furniture. Materials should be plush and inviting, incorporating elements such as shag, crochet, lace and velvet. The key definer of shabby chic style is the limited colour palette, you have to stick to light neutrals such as white, stone and oatmeal.


Minimalist styling is all about clean, simple, sophisticated pieces that shine in an uncomplicated and striking way. Of course, it’s also about practising a little restraint – a minimalist home just can’t be overcrowded! Look for uncomplicated, well-designed items in black, white, grey and beige. Materials such as glass, leather and linen will all work perfectly. Due to the fact that you need to buy less in all respects, you can afford to invest in quality pieces that shine all on their own.

Any of these design categories is going to be perfect for your home! Pick what you love most and run with it!

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