The bathroom is one of the most used corners of your house. So, you always try to design it according to the latest trends and keep all the accessories up to date too. Bathroom vanities are used to keep all the essentials handy. Since you have children running around in your home, it is also important to make the bathroom vanities safe for them. After all, they are your priority! It is not always possible for you to keep an eye on your child, especially when you are caught up with some other work. They may visit the bathroom anytime when you are not paying attention.

Childproofing the discount bathroom vanities is essential for you when you are about to have a child or you have a toddler or even a kid who is learning his or her ways around the bathroom alone.  The bathroom vanities must be customized in such a way that they can have the access to the countertop, sink, tap and the mirror.. After all, while growing up, they will need to learn how to brush their teeth and comb their hair on their own. You surely do not want your child to get hurt while moving around in the bathroom. Read on to know more about the useful tips to make your bathroom vanities usable for your toddlers without any hassle.

Take Care of the Height of the Bathroom Vanity

Height is the most important thing to determine before making the bathroom vanity ready for children to use. It must be lower which helps the children to reach the countertop and use the sink while brushing teeth or washing face without any kind of support from the elders.  So, when you are ordering your new vanity, be it a modern sleek one or a traditional and versatile white shaker cabinets, make sure the height of it is much lower for their ease of use.

Check Out the Lock Systems for the Drawers and Cupboards

If you and your children use the same bathroom, make sure that the drawers and cupboards of the vanity are properly locked as they might get direct access to objects like razors, grooming kits and so on. They might also have the tendency to spill out the shampoos and soaps stored inside the vanity cabinets. Don’t have any idea about the kind of locks you can use for child safe vanities? Get a glance of some:

  • You can use magnet locks to keep toxic items, poisons, and cleaning items out of your baby’s reach
  • Adhesive mounted locks can be used to keep all the vulnerable items safe
  • You can use flip locks to keep the heavy items out of your baby’s way

 Mold the Corners of the Vanity for the Bathroom

All the corners of the bathroom vanities must be molded to make them safer for the children. Most of the time, the sharp corners can cause injury as the kids won’t be able to notice while running in the space.  To prevent any kind of mishap happening to the children, it is important to take protection beforehand by molding the corners.

 Floating Vanity: Best Type of Vanity for a Child-Friendly Bathroom

You cannot deny that a child requires a lot of space, whether inside the room or bathroom. It is important to make the bathroom spacious and do away all the obstacles to ensure fewer injuries. Floating vanity doesn’t occupy any floor space. Hence, it not only increases the inside space of the bathroom but also makes sure that the vanity doesn’t cause any cuts or injury to your kids.

Give Some Interesting Lighting Effects to the Bathroom Vanity

For making the bathroom vanity child-safe, you must install a few bright lights so that they can get clear visibility of the bathroom. If possible, you can also use eco-friendly lights for the children that do not emit harmful gas or won’t produce too much heat.

Now as you know about these ways you can make the bathroom safe for your kids, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest store to get the best type of bathroom vanity cabinets to ensure the safety of your children.

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